Tiger Talk – 9 September 2016


 Tiger Talk

There are a lot of things that could be said about Saturday’s games at New Norfolk, but now is really the time to put things in perspective and again move forward.  I look back three years ago when Hobart Football Club were removed from the Tasmanian State League (TSL) and count my blessings that the HFC didn’t merge with another team.  I am sure that most would agree that the TSL is far from perfect. The SFL is a great community competition that fosters football and from my time gives far more back to the players and community.

Three years ago most of our players left to play in the TSL and in January 2014 we had three players at training with a coach and it looked like it was all over.  The ensuing weeks saw us gather friends, acquaintances and a few footballers and at Round 1 we fielded two teams.  There may not have been a lot of skill about but the journey had begun.  The board were very optimistic and set goals for the next four years being year one a couple of wins, year two to be competitive, year 3 to play finals and year 4 to play in the grand final. If you consider the rebuilds we have done in every area of our club since we started this venture, the addition of an under 18’s team this year, our master rules team, our involvement within community and the work that is currently being undertaken with the juniors this has been no mean feat.  To be at where we are has been an enormous amount of work undertaken my so many people and it is something that we should all be very proud of.  The Tiger has learnt to roar and will be heard by many over the next few seasons.

Back to Saturday’ results
The Reserves had the day that wasn’t quite. It was a great game of football with Hobart controlling the ball late in the game but unable to put the numbers on the scoreboard.
Hobart        1.0    4.2    5.4    5.6   (36)
Huonville    3.2    4.4    6.5    8.5   (53)
Goals: Josh Webster 2, Braydon Rosendale 2, Dean Jetson
Best:   Jacob Munting, Matt Van Engen, Josh Webster, Luke Allie, Dean Jetson, Michael Flanagan.
The seniors were hit hard with injuries early with Mark Beck carrying a broken hand for most of the game and some head scars that made him look like a war veteran and Dylan Huxley who dislocated an ankle.
Hobart             3.1    5.1      7.6       7.6       (48)
New Norfolk   2.2    7.9    10.11    12.14   (86)
Goals: Sam Reeves 2, Stuart Patterson2, Corey Murphy, Brenton Allie, Brydon Goninon
Best: Callan Newman, Luke Sullivan, Jarrott Horton, Marcus Fitze, Brenton Allie, Mark Young

We keep saying that Hobart Football Club is about more than football and another group has proven that to be true this week.  Our cribbage group led by Peter Young has painted the competition black and gold and have progressed to the grand final which will be played at the Glenorchy Football Club on Tuesday night.  Good luck to a unified group.