Tiger Talk – 30 January 2017


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Feb 17-19 -> Pre-Season Camp
Feb 23 – Intra Club Match
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Mar 9 – Practice Match
Mar 23 – Tye Bennett Cup (v Dosa)
Mar 25 – Pre-Season Function


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This Issue Includes:
* From the Coach
* Early 2017 Pre-Season Photos
* (Re)Introducing the Caulfield Brothers
* Lookalike #1 of 2017

From the Coach – Can you hear the roar?

A Message from Coach Mark Beck”

The Hobart Tigers want to be the best.

The best players are the hardest workers as well as the best decision makers. The best clubs have a genuine love for each other within. While fitness is always a massive focus pre-season, decisions under pressure have been a priority and the guys have been put under game like intensity in their training so far. They have also been asked get out of their comfort zone off field and form new groups, learn about the traditions of the football club, show their football learning and help those in need within and outside the footy club.

With more than 80 players at pre-season, with no less then 40 on the track each night and 8-10 new players to slot into the senior side, the Tiges are in good shape for 2017. But, it’s going to be tough with the talented opposition out there, so the boys will continue to work smart to compete with the best.

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(Re)Introducing the Caulfield Brothers

Some of our readers may remember the Caulfield brothers who played for us up until the end of the 2013 season, before heading down to the Tigers to have another crack at TSL Footy. For those who aren’t familiar welcome back to Daniel and James Caulfield. We caught up with them both for a bit of a light hearted chat.

Firstly, welcome back to the club. You’ve had a bit of a taste now returning to the club, how have you found pre-season so far? Is it different to your expectations or how you remember the club? 

Daniel: Cheers mate, yeah absolutely thrilled to be back at Hobart, obviously had a couple of years here when I was a bit younger, and it’ll be good to bring a little bit more experience back with me. The club is a lot the same as I remember, but I think this group of blokes have really upped their professionalism and attitude towards their football. And know what they want to achieve in the 2017 season. I think we have a lot of potential to do great things with the hard work and mind set shown this early in the season. Can’t wait to get out their play for this great club again

James: The club has been incredible in the first few months that Danny and myself have been back, I didn’t really know what to expect or if we were going to fit in or not but everyone has been so welcoming. Mark beck and Heath Neville have been awesome in making us feel welcome and I think Becky is going to be a good long term coach for this club, the way he relates to the players and the respect that goes both ways between coach and players is something I don’t think many clubs in this competition have.
For those who haven’t seen you play or have a short memory like myself how would you describe yourself as a player? What is your preferred position? 
Daniel: I like to think of myself as an in and under inside midfielder, with good skills in tight situation. I love playing anywhere in the Midfield. But I like going down forward and having a bit of an impact down there.
James: I like to think of myself as a quick moving midfielder that really just tries to take the game on with my speed and endurance. I’ll never give up regardless of the score line and I just try to set that example for everyone around me. I like to get out on the wings and just run hard for as long as I can.
A bit less serious, what is the most annoying thing about your brother (that you’re willing to put in print)?
Daniel: Other than the fact he has the height advantage on me, I’d have to say stealing my food and clothes at home. Especially my food.
James: Haha I don’t really think to bad of him in that regard, he used to bash me around a bit when we were younger but I think we’ve grown a pretty strong relationship as we have gotten older.
Is there any AFL player that you try to model your footy mindset/style on?
Daniel: Wouldn’t say I model my game on anyone in particular, I always admired watching Chris Judd play. The way he approached his footy on and off the field was second to none. Also like Joel Selwood, the way he attacks the footy. I’d love to play like him.
James: I have always loved Simon black, although being a Richmond supporter I just loved the way that he played and he’s one of my all the favourites, he was a bit of a complete package. He seemed to always be wherever the ball was and just the cleanest skills and quick release. In saying that I’ve just always looked up to the good players that put themselves in good mindsets.
What are your best and worst moments in your footy careers?
Daniel: Best would be the two junior premierships playing for Kingborough. And worst would be the grand final loss to Sandy Bay in U/16’s.
James: I’ve always just enjoyed playing with my mates however the grand final victory in under 15s tops that list. The worst moment was losing in Under 16s when we were really in the game for the full 4 quarters.
What hobbies or interests do you have outside footy?
Daniel: I like to get out on the water and do a bit of fishing, and recently started getting in to doing a bit of diving with mates, always a good time and it’s easy to lose a day out there!
James: I’m a bit of a foodie so I like getting to markets or going to different restaurants/cafes. I enjoy getting out on the water and having a fish as well but whatever I’m doing I just enjoy being around my good mates.
And finally, who’s the best player you’ve ever had the chance to play with or against?
Daniel: I’d have to say Mckenzie Willis, played a lot of junior footy with and against him. Always admired the hard work and dedication he put into the sport. Definetly the reason why he’s running around in a suns Guernsey now.

James: I’ve been fortunate enough to play footy with some great players in the likes of Mackenzie Willis, Kieran Lovell, Brandon Batchelor and Tim Peterson down at the Tigers. They hold a very strong work ethic and always push to be that little bit better. I can’t put it down to one because they are all just great players and people you want to be playing for/with.

James Caulfield gets a kick away for the Tigers

Danny Caulfield with quick hands at KGV

Lookalike #1 of 2017: Thanks to James McGee We’re not sure which one is Tigers’ big man Dylan Huxley and which one is Lance Whitnall (lucky he’s got a Blues jumper on).

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