Tiger Talk – 29 May 2015

A day at the TCA and what a wonderful autumn day it was with glorious sunshine and a slight breeze to remind us it’s not summer. Our seconds were sensational and from the opening bounce took on the game using fierce tackling and showing a clear desire to win.
They were justifiably rewarded with a 33 point win over Lindisfarne.  Goal kickers were D McKenzie 4, M Collis 3, T Webb 2, T Davies 1, J Young 2.  Best Players B Davies, T Webb, M Collis, J Brown and J Hart.
The senior team gave us a fiercely competitive game to watch and looked like at any stage that we may steal the win but it wasn’t to be with the final margin being an 18 point loss.
Goal kickers were S Reeves 7, C Leek2, M Beck, J Young, S Bradford, A Henderson, T Langdale. Best Players L Sullivan, D Huxley, S Reeves, D Jetson, J Dykes, J Young.
We have recently had several fun that have gone unheralded so here goes the summaries
A Night At The Greyhounds
A cool autumns evening with what was touted by the racing club as the best crowd they have seen in recent times. I believe a few of our players and supporters even backed a winner. HFC would like to thank all those that made our recent “Night at the Dogs” a successful fundraising event. Special thanks to our race sponsors; Typeface, PRD Nationwide, Co-op Property Maintenance, Harvey-Norman Floor Coverings, A&J Joinery, D&W Electrical, TCM P/L and the HFC Sports Club. Thanks also to our raffle donors, Elise Archer MHA, Ziggy’s Smallgoods, Boags and K&D Mitre 10.
The Annual Golf Day.  We must have the gods with us as the weather for the annual golf day was perfect, 55 egg and bacon breakfasts and they were teeing off. Wasn’t long before a few returned hungry and thirsty but most wouldn’t declare this was because of good golf but rather walking and searching for golf balls. This day is absolutely a highlight for our club as so many members, friends, business’ and supporters get together and enjoy a social out.  Our thanks goes to David Charlesworth for the organisation of this magnificent day.
THIS WEEK  Saturday 30th  will see us return to the Den from 7pm with live music so get along and enjoy
THE PRESIDENTS LUNCH is locked away for June 20th at the TCA so don’t wait for the flyer to come out ring Paul today on 0427 256 340 and book your ticket
ps.  don’t forget to bring a mate.
Volunteer of the week  This is a group volunteer with the Pierrehumbert’s being our volunteers of the week.  Pat has given more years of help in the kitchen than most of us have lived and still continues to turn up to help whenever she can.  Ted is our latest canteen recruit, albeit about 5 years ago, turn on the barbecue he’s there and ask for assistance to pick up stock, put out some barriers or anything else you may think of and he will help.  This brings us to the “Junior Vice President” Mark who  always carries the white boards for the coach assists them when he can, works in the canteen and again is always there to help.  These are the the type of people who make our club so great and we can never repay the debt to them!
We all love our sponsor of the week,  Cascade, whether it’s a refreshing cordial, light or full strength beer it always brings a smile to your face so go on race in to your favourite shop or bar and support one of our major sponsors.

Ladder (After Round 6):

W L % Pts
1 N.Norfolk 5 1 283 20
2 C’Mont 5 1 262 20
3 L’Farne 5 1 126 20
4 Brighton 4 2 161 16
5 Est Coast 4 2 116 16
6 Huonville 2 4 95 8
7 Sorell 2 4 62 8
8 Dodges 1 5 67 4
9 HOBART 1 5 46 4
10 Cygnet 1 5 31 4

Next Match:

May 30th – (Seniors 2pm – Reserves 12pm) v Sorell @ Pembroke Park

Latest Results:

Defeated By Lindisfarne
14.16.100 to 17.16.118
Defeated Lindisfarne
12.11.83 to 7.8.50