Tiger Talk – 28 July 2016


Edge Radio Coverage

Both Saturday’s and next week’s Hobart FC matches will be broadcast live from 1.50pm on Edge Radio 99.3FM. Please let all your friends and family know, so they can tune in. Even if your intra or interstate you can tune in at www.edgeradio.org.au, those wishing to listen at the ground will need to tune in via mobile phone apps or the internet (as Edge’s Range doesn’t extend to Boyer Oval).
Covering the clashes
Sat 30th July – New Norfolk v Hobart at Boyer Oval.
Sat 6th August – Hobart v Lindisfarne at TCA Ground.


The Saturday that was.  Was it cold?  Was it wet?  Was it snowing? Were the playing conditions atrocious?  One million times yes and probably the worst day I can remember at a game.  The best part was given the weather we enjoyed quite a good crowd. Our Under 18’s were the first to brave the elements and like so many others for the day they were simply stuck in the mud. Everything about the game was challenging but to their credit the fought on whilst praying for a warm shower.
Hobart        1.0    1.0     1.0         1.0    (6)
Claremont   2.4   4.11  10.12   15.17 (107)
Goals: Seb Godrey
Best Players: Harry Fish, Zane Awde, James Granfield, Jaydon Aram, Rubin Hay, Leif Anderson.

The Reserves were a formidable outfit and at every break still looked as though they would make a real challenge and I would say the scoreboard did not reflect the way the game was played and how competitive we were.  It was great to see Mark Nichols back and he showed what a difference he can make to a team and was ably helped by Caley Gough and James McGee.
Hobart          0.1     0.1     0.1     0.1      (1)
Claremont    2.6     4.8     6.9     7.11   (53)

Best players: Beau Bennett, Caley Gough, Josh Young, Jacob Young, James McGee, Danny Bennett.

The Senior game was well described by ‘the Mercury’ with “Hobart is frozen in finals limbo after Claremont overcame the elements to topple the Tigers at the TCA.”  Our side did not handle the elements at all well compared to Claremont who the coach stated “I thought our four quarter performance was the best we’ve put in for the year in terms of effort and intensity”

Hobart          0.0    0.2    2.5    2.5    (17)
Claremont    3.4    7.6    9.9    13.10 (88)

Goals:  Luke Sullivan,  Shane Bradford.
Best Players: Alex Stephens,  Jacob Campbell, Stuart Paterson, Brenton Allie, Luke Sullivan,  Mark Young.

WELCOME TO STAPLES – Newest Member of the Team

We have just hooked up with a new club sponsor and a major one at that.  Staples Hobart have joined our list of sponsors through Tony Hawkins.  If you are looking for rental or purchase fax, photocopier or more print media gear take the time to call Tony on 62 324100 you will not be disappointed.

Upcoming Events:

Two major events that are coming up are the ‘Eastern Shore Reunion’ next Saturday and this serves to recognise the significant influence of those who came to Hobart from the Eastern Shore in the years gone by. There is a brunch from 11.30 and tickets are available by phoning David Charlesworth on 0429 047 703.

The second function on August 20th is the “Cocktail Party” at the Den and this has proven to be an absolute winner in the past.  The price is $40 including supper and your first drink. Tickets are available by phoning Deb on 0418 510 151, or can be arranged at the bar on Thursday night.

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