Tiger Talk – From the President

From the President

Both the board and I, of the Hobart Football Club welcome you to season 2018 and we look forward to seeing you at all or at least some of our home games.
This year sees the club with five Senior teams being the Men’s Under 18s, Reserves, Seniors, Master Rules and our newly formed Women’s team. The sheer amount of games we would like to have at the TCA is impossible for this year so we have a lot of compromises for 2018.

The Hobart City Council have all but completed the new drainage and surfacing of the TCA and currently, the ground is a beautiful shade of green but still quite soft. The picket fence around the ground is about to be renewed (which will highlight the fact that the ground is level) and our new electronic scoreboard (funded jointly by HFC, North Hobart Cricket Club and the Hobart City Council with the help of a State Government Grant) will be under construction from Monday 26th of March (today).  The next exciting things to happen are the demolition of the old grandstand, the levelling and resurfacing of the car parking area, and the completion of the upgrading of the women’s toilet under the Hec Smith stand.  There is no way anyone can say the summer hasn’t been a permanent workplace at the TCA or that the council doesn’t absolutely support our club.

The next challenge is for the joint venture between HFC, NHCC and the Council to fund the new community centre (on top of new change rooms that will replace our current ones) with a completion of 3 years’ time as our target.  The working group are being assisted by council and we have jointly engaged John Barker (a political lobbyist) to assist with grant applications.

Training has been difficult over summer with our senior men’s team training at Cosgrove High School and others at Cornelian Bay, St Virgil’s. Cross Roads and Campbell Street Primary School.  We thank all the schools and clubs who have supported us through this difficult time. During the season our training will be split between the New Town and Clare St Ovals.

Although we will not be training at the TCA this season, we are confident that our men’s senior teams will play home games at the TCA from April 21st.  More on this one soon.

Our revenue streams are severely diminished with no Gala days (Women’s and Master Rules) possibility of no Colt’s home games, also Junior games including finals will not be allowed at the TCA this year, so no income from the canteen etc, and limited week nights at the Den.

All of these changes will cause short term pain for long term gain so to put nicely we need your help for 2018. How can you help? It’s easy become a volunteer, buy a membership, introduce a new member, find a player sponsor $250, grab a raffle book and attend some functions.  It isn’t difficult to help us and I can guarantee at the Hobart Football Club you will be amongst friends.

With your support, continued loyalty from our players, some good recruits, throw in plenty of energy from the Board and we will meet these challenges head-on.
What an exciting time to be part of the Hobart Football Club.
Just to finish off don’t forget the player’s tea on Thursday night at the TCA, the first 100 club draw as well and of course our trip to Dodges Ferry on Good Friday.

Russell Young
Go the Tigers