Round 3 v Dodges Ferry

From the SFL Facebook Page

“Hobart V Dodges Ferry at TCA Ground, 2pm

After a week off with the bye Dodges Ferry are off to the TCA ground to play Hobart this week.

Both teams will be after a big win this week as Hobart look to build on the win in their last game and Dodges Ferry had a week off to freshen up and try to get on the winners list.

Last week for the Tigers, Bryden Goninon played an exceptional game and it’ll be interesting to see if he can keep it up, and help the Tigers win another game and the Sharks backmen will need to watch Sam Reeves closely as he made a habit of kicking bags of goals at the TCA Ground last year.

The Sharks loss in Round 1 to Huonville who Hobart to defeated in Round 2 comfortably will see Dodges Ferry need to be at their best against the Tigers to start their climb up the ladder.”



20 L. Allie, 32 M. Bailey, M. Bannister, 21 R. Barrow, 38 M. Beck, 48 B. Bennett, 47 D. Bennett, 31 T. Butler, 43 J. Butterworth, 41 M. Collis, 51 B. Davies, T. Davies, 50 J. Hart, 54 J. Hill, 6 J. McGee, 37 M. Nichols, W. Perry, 17 B. Rosendale, 46 J. Webster, 16 D. Woodcock, 33 J. Young, 45 J. Young.

Under 18s

4 J. Aram, 42 Z. Awde, 20 T. Barr, 3 R. Campbell, T. Farnham, 5 H. Fish, 4 L. Geason, 36 S. Godfrey, 22 J. Grandfield, 19 J. Hay, 18 I. Hovington, 15 J. Marshall, 7 J. Moltoni, 9 T. Nichols, 24 T. Ramritu, 23 J. Richards, 12 B. Rogers, 8 D. Upton, Z. Wells, 10 J. Woolley.