Round 2 v Huonville

From SFL Facebook Page – Preview

“Huonville Lions V Hobart at Huonville, 2pm

Hobart will be on the way to Huonville this week to play a game against Huonville Lions.

The Lions will have the home ground advantage in this game, and the last time they met they dominated the Tigers by 103 points.

The Tigers were pretty disappointing throughout last season, but after a strong pre-season and more depth in their playing list they could turn things around and take the challenge right up to Huonville.

This will be a worthy contest to watch as both teams have the players to really turn it on and it may come down to the hometown support for the Lions to will them to their second win of the season.”


Reserves (selected from following 24):

L. Allie, B. Apted,  M. Bailey, M. Beck, B. Bennett, D. Bennett, M. Bird, T. Butler, M. Collis, B. Davies, M. Flanagan, N. Freeman, S. Gray, J. Hart, J. Hill, D. Huxley, D. McDonald, J. McGee, M. Nichols, W. Perry, L. Rands, B. Rosendale, D. Woodcock, J(osh) Young

Under 18s

J. Aram, Z. Awde, T. Barr, L. Berry,  R. Campbell, T. Farnham, H. Fish, L. Geason, J. Grandfield, J. Hay, I. Hovington, J. Marshall, J. Moltoni, T. Nichols, T. Ramritu, J. Richards, B. Rogers, D. Upton, J. Woolley.