Out in The Cold

downloadI need you.  The Hobart Football Club needs you. Your friends need you but most of all some of our friends and neighbours need all of us.

The time of the year is here when we snuggle up on the cold mornings and wish we didn’t have to part with our blankets.  There are others amongst us who may have the home or be homeless but they simply don’t have the resources to buy a blanket.

At the Hobart Football Club we believe in community so we want to help.  This Saturday we encourage everyone who can to bring us a blanket, or a doona to the TCA so we can replenish the empty stocks at St Vincent De Paul.  The football community have been proven time and time again to be very generous so please help us.  Ask a neighbour, ask a friend and scour the shelves so we can support others.   If you can’t come along on Saturday but would like to donate please call us on 0427 256 340 and we will collect your donation.

Thank you for your help!