Game Rules


Weather Conditions Procedures

Match Day Ground Closures 

  1. The central communication point that all stakeholders within the STJFL community can refer to for details of Ground Closures during inclement weather on match day is available on STJFL website.
  2. (a) Clubs and STJFL Administrators will directly update and effect changes on the website as required.

(b) The Wet Weather Policy located in Resources (Laws and Policies) on the STJFL website outlines the timeline requirements and process, including the criteria for determining a round being declared a complete washout.


Junior U8 to U12 games/rounds may be called off by the STJFL in advance of the weekend if councils or schools close their ovals -you will be advised prior to Sunday if this is the case.

Youth (Under 13 to Under 18) matches will rarely be cancelled.              (unless Grounds closed by LGA)

The League suggests asking parents to always prepare to go to match as scheduled UNLESS advised otherwise. This advice may be read on the STJFL website or Facebook page.

Bearing in mind that football is a winter sport, in the event of a rainy day, the League suggests the following:

3.1)         For Away Games – prepare to go as normal to your match. The weather can be quite different from suburb to suburb.

3.2)         For Away Games – the coach from your opposition team should contact the coach of your team to call off your match if necessary. Make sure your Club has your name and contact number in the “contacts” section of your Club website.

3.3)         For Home Games – Coaches – if you live near your football ground and decide it’s raining too hard please ring your opposition coach to discuss a possible cancellation. Their number should be in the “Contacts” section of their Club website (linked to the STJFL website). If the opposition coaches number is not available please ring the club President, whose number should be available.

3.4)         Cancellation is a last resort – Yes, some parents might be happy, but the kids miss out and they are the reason we do all this.

3.5)         If a cancellation has been decided please send a text to the following numbers with the details of the cancelled match: 0417391870.

Example of text –

”Cancelled match – U9-Kingborough Gold v Cygnet White. St Aloysius 9.30 am. Cygnet notified.

From Tom Smith Kingborough U9 coach

OPERATIONS at the STJFL can then place the notification on the STJFL website.

Extreme Weather

  1.  In the event of dangerous or extreme weather (e.g. lightning or hail) or other life threatening events, the Umpires and Clubs (in particular Ground Managers) should be aware of the dangers of allowing play during thunder/electrical storms.  Play should cease if lightning is seen in the vicinity of the playing field.  No risks should be taken in this regard.  The game may be terminated by the Ground Manager.  For example if the playing time of the game played, is greater than two (2) quarters, then the final scores will be taken as that at the scheduled finish time.  If the playing time is less than two (2) quarters the game will be CANCELLED.
  2. Note: Section 4 of the AFL National Extreme Weather Policy addresses lightning

(downloadable from Resources in

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