1955…..Our Only Reserves Premiership

Can you remember the trolley buses to South Hobart and trams rattling up Elizabeth Street? The grassy bank next to the Main Grandstand at North Hobart Oval ?

If you can you probably remember our greatest game of 1955… Yes 60 Years ago…

It was our first and only Reserves Premiership won by our great club.

September 19th 1955  Hobart Football Club won its only Reserves Premiership,when it overwhelmed Sandy Bay in the Grand Final at North Hobart Oval.

Hobart dominated most positions to win by 78 Points. It took the lead soon after the start and its superiority was never threatened. Hobart won in and around the packs and across the centre and was more purposeful in its approach to goal.  It also used clever handball and accurate positional play.  It was just reward for Coach Don McVilly’s insistence to play as a team which had resulted in Hobart only losing two Roster matches before going on to win Hobart’s only Reserves Premiership in Tiger History

.HFC Reserves 1955 Premiers


B       Alan Gibson       Graeme Pullen       Brian Powers

HB    Ray Kennedy      Peter Wilson         Barry Thompson

C       Geoff Cashin       Don McVilly          Peter Hills

HF    Graeme Gaylor    Derek Jacklyn      Brian Fleming

F     Athol Unsworth     Peter Leitch       Brian  Oakes

Foll    Bill Halley   John Anderson   George Thurley

Reserves    Athol  Cook    James  Wilkinson

Emg   W.L. Milburn , A. Garrard,  G. Wells

Others who would have been available but for injuries were:-  Dennis Chadwick, Vic Harrison, Darryl Milburn and Joe Whittle

HOBART          2.3       7.9     12.14     16.14     110

SANDY BAY       1.1      2.3       2.6      4.8           32

Best  Hobart   Don McVilly,  Bill Halley,  Peter Leitch,  Graeme Gaylor,  Athol Unsworth, George Thurley, Peter Hills, Barry Thompson  &  Graeme Pullen

Goals  P.Leitch 6, J.Anderson 3,D.Jacklyn & W.Halley2, A.Unsworth,G.Cashin,G.Thurley 1 ea